This is Meta-hard.

I see storytelling as conveying something through words, body movement, maybe pictures or movies. The first thing that comes to mind is interpretive dance. While there are no words, you still hear music and see body movement, and you still learn a story from it. It doesn’t have to be something active like that though, because I think a book can still be part of storytelling.


When you add “digital” to storytelling, you add different forms of technology to express your story. I don’t think it changes much, though. Maybe instead of going to a performance show, you watch a series of images depicting the dance.


I am on tumblr a lot, and nearly all the posts I see on a regular basis are telling a story through digital means. They use Photoshop to make really beautiful photosets, they make gifsets, they put movies and tv shows to music that really pull at the story you don’t get to fully explore in the movie/series. I think that’s what digital storytelling is. I don’t have to know the show or movie or story they want to tell, but through digital media, I can connect with it, understand it, and want to know more.

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  1. Meta Hard meaning hard to define? That’s how I feel. It’s almost like the Supreme Court Justice who defined porn as “I know it when I see it”.

    I like the framing of the digital stuff you se in tumblr as playing with the story; that not every media piece needs to be a story itself, but someow it can connect to one?

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